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Exhibition stand ideas?


Trade fair stand ideas should enrich your trade fair presence and specifically address the emotions of trade fair visitors.

BAGATELLO´s Trade fair ideas are based on many years of experience with trade fair visitors.

  • Place the fair magician on the periphery of the corridor and intercept potential customers.
  • As a walkact, the trade fair magician can even draw visitors' attention to your stand 50 metres away.
  • Use Bagatello´s Shell game as absolute entertainment guarantor and crowd puller.
  • Benefit from exclusive eye-catching costumes, such as the DIE PAGEN outfit.
  • Enjoy offering your customers something extraordinary with the trade fair magician.
  • Watch how Burkhard Schmidt wins the attention and sympathy of the trade fair visitors in seconds.
  • Be amazed how the enthusiasm spark jumps from the magician to your stand personnel.

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